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Why Vacant Land in Blue Ridge Is the Most Underrated, Finite Investment

When you think of a strong investment, your mind will likely jump to thinking about stocks or business purchases, but you might be surprised to learn that land ownership is one of the most underrated investments you can make. Vacant land is often misunderstood when it comes to financial benefits for the simple reason that a piece of land just is not that exciting. It sits there without doing anything, and to be honest, it’s just a really boring product — but that’s what makes it such an amazing purchase opportunity!


You may have never realized it, but owning vacant land is a great way to make money, and because you can do so much with it, it’s an investment that can become very versatile. Owning a piece of land, in a location that can best meet your needs, will benefit you financially for decades to come.


So what’s the secret to land investment? It’s knowing how to make your purchase be one of the best decisions for you and your family, earning you money without taking up too much time or effort. Flipping houses or buying properties to rent out could be worthy investments, but why should you put energy into a project when you can just benefit from something that doesn’t need any additional work?

Purchase property in Blue Ridge GA that best meets your needs

There’s no house to flip, nothing to renovate, no plumbing to fix, no codes to keep, and no inspections to deal with. If you love simplicity and efficiency, land purchasing is for you. Not to mention, you won’t have much emotional attachment to your investment, making it easy when it’s time to sell or rent the property for someone else to build on. This anti-sentimental quality also makes it much painless for you as a buyer to find a seller willing to pass along their vacant property to you.


When a land owner doesn’t spend time there and has no construction with which to attach themselves, it makes it effortless to let go. Just because someone didn’t know how to make the best use of the land and earn a substantial profit from it, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to benefit greatly from the same investment. Location is everything, and just as long as someone else or another company can come in and build on your land, you’ll be set to see the growth of your investment.

Be in control of your investment in Blue Ridge GA


If you’ve been looking in the market to buy a home, chances are you’ve been warned about tight competition or the need for quick decision making in order to beat out any other interested clients. With vacant land however, there is often little to no competition whatsoever. Even for investors who are experts at purchasing and reselling houses, or even residential lots, the idea of buying land doesn’t often cross one’s mind. It doesn’t seem like a great move because you can’t see the concrete product that you’ve purchased. But that’s just it — the land itself if the tangible item you’re buying — and it’s worth is not to be underestimated. Having this inside knowledge gives you a great start over other real estate competitors who don’t realize that they too should have tried to acquire the land.


Unlike stocks or buildings, purchasing land in Blue Ridge GA means that you are in total control of what happens to your investment. The way your make your purchase even provides its own kind of independence. In some cases, you’ll be able to buy without having to communicate with third party financial institutions like mortgage companies or banks. Thanks to modern technology, you could buy an attractive lot without actually having to travel there in person, which also cuts back on your personal expenses and time involved. Virtual purchasing and selling? Yes, you read that correctly. You can manage your property investment from your couch.

Investing your money can be stress-free in Blue Ridge GA

As far as long-term investments go, owning land is the best and most sound option available. Not only will land always stay in the same place and never change, owners are also free from having to pay bills, fix repairs, upgrade structures, or investigate the conditions of the property in person. It doesn’t diminish in size or value, and you’re not relying on a certain time frame in which you’ll need to sell or rent your purchase. There’s also a limited quantity available — no one is making more land out of thin air to sell — which increases its value just by existing in the first place.


If you’re concerned about property taxes, that’s something to research depending upon where you’re looking to acquire land, but comparatively, taxes on vacant land are very low. Land investment is a simple, concrete opportunity that all but guarantees future income, so as long as the land can be used by other buyers down the road, there’s a sense of security for your purchase.


Money is not something we spend without consideration, and when we do decide to make a long-term investment, it should be something that’s easy to navigate and even easier to make a profit from. With economic change and uncertainty happening in domestic and foreign stock markets, putting money into stocks, bonds and companies is less reassuring, especially since we don’t have control over what happens to our money once it’s been invested.


All factors considered, the safest and most likely place to see financial growth is through the purchasing and selling of land. Land agents, real estate sellers, and virtual property managers agree, when you’re able to secure a plot of land that could be the slightest bit useful to another person, you’re able to increase its value and earn revenue from the property. Land is permanent, resourceful, useful, and a necessary part of any new structure, business or production. It may seem out-of-the-box, but gain a sense of security by choosing vacant land as your next long-term investment strategy.

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20 Honest Facts about Blue Ridge Real Estate Home Selling

So you’ve been thinking “it’s time to sell my home in Blue Ridge.” You’re outgrowing your property, or maybe you’re looking to move for a new career path. You’ve checked the market, done your preliminary research, and have started shopping for a new place to live. Selling your current home could seem like a complicated, stressful experience, but with the right financial, structural, and emotional preparations, and help from sellers agent in Blue Ridge, you’ll have a streamlined selling experience.


Once you’ve partnered with trusted Blue Ridge real estate agents in your area, here’s what you need to know to have a positive, stress-free sale.


1) List your home for an attractive price.

Your Realtor will help you with this, but your home should be priced so that it is attractive to buyers. Remember that you want to get the attention of the best buyers, people who are qualified to purchase your home and will quickly act on their attachment to it. If a home is overpriced, it will likely sit on the market for an extended period of time, and buyers will be curious as to why others passed it over. Ideally, you’ll have multiple buyers show interest in placing an offer on your home, which will drive up the final sale price.


2) Always present your home at its best.

It takes time and effort (and a bit of well-spent money) to prepare your home for potential buyers. Over-staging isn’t necessary, but a clean home that invites a new family to envision themselves there is ideal. If you’re posting a video tour or virtual scan of your house, you’ll also want to ensure all the rooms are organized and tidy.


3) Be prepared for a challenge.

You probably already know that you’re up for a challenge, and your sellers agent in Blue Ridge will help you along the way, but being aware that there will be ups and downs in the process will help you get over hurdles and other unplanned obstacles. Do your home selling research, work collaboratively with Blue Ridge real estate agent, and troubleshoot any unforeseen problems to make the home selling process go smoothly.



4) Understand your local market and community.

One of the most important factors when choosing a north Georgia real estate agent is making sure that person is an expert on local trends in the market for your community. They should have experience selling homes similar to yours, which will give them a better understanding of what potential buyers are wanting to see.


5) Don’t go to your open house (or any other showings).

It’s never a good idea for the homeowner to attend their own showings or walk-

throughs. Aside from the fact that it can be stressful and potentially even emotional to

watch someone critique your home, you also don’t want to over-share information or

say something that devalues the property.


6) Always repair what needs to be repaired.

What’s easy is not always what is right. If repairs need to be completed, trust us and do

finish them before you sell. Show buyers that your home is move-in ready, and that

they will not need to make any repairs themselves before moving in. Repairs tend to

work in a domino effect, and if you give the impression that you’re not taking care of

the property, buyers will get the idea that they home hasn’t been well-kept in the past.


7) Your too-familiar “home smell” is not your friend.

We all know that “other people’s homes” have that specific smell… but your house doesn’t have a smell, right? Wrong. Just because you’ve gotten used to an odor, doesn’t mean it’s not there for others. Take the time to get carpets, furniture, and other fabrics cleaned properly to remove any lingering smells that could affect the buyer’s impression.


8) Overpricing is only hurting you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your home’s price should be attractive and in-range for desired buyers. Your price should take location, features, age, and size into account, but overpricing your home will make it harder to sell and will catch the attention of a smaller portion of buyers.


9) Be ready to negotiate… and to negotiate again.

During your home’s inspection, you might be told that certain areas need to be repaired or changed. When buyers receive this information, they will often want to alter their offer because of the additional costs in making these repairs. Anticipate these changes and negotiations and be prepared for how to respond to them.


10) Don’t assume a Cash Buyer is the best way to go.

Cash sounds really great, but a financing buyer has his or her advantages too,

especially when it comes to having pre-approval, strong purchase contracts, and being

able to stick to schedules and planned deadlines in the purchasing process.


11) Your curb appeal is worth the time and money.

When it comes to your personal style, first impressions matter. The same rule applies to

your home. Having a well-kept front yard with an inviting entrance for potential buyers

will help give them a sense of reassurance that this home is a positive and welcoming

place to be.


12) You have to make communication a priority.

After you’ve made the commitment to sell your home, it’s your responsibility to be

reliable and to communicate. Be available to answer emails and calls, always being

prompt with your responses.


13) Do not lie. Ever.

Every detail counts, and trying to hide defects or your home’s history from buyers (or

Realtors) is the worst thing you can do. It’s not worth the potential law suit when you

could have just been honest or solved the problem beforehand.


14) Home buyers should be able to see themselves living there.

While you do want to show buyers that your home was a great fit for your own family,

you don’t want to have too many personal items on display. The reason for this is if you

have too many things that are unique to your family, it will be harder for buyers to

envision themselves living there.


15) Detailed video tours and home photos can make a huge difference.

Having photos of your home is great, but being able to post video tours or virtual scans

is even better. Over 90% of potential buyers use the Internet to shop for homes, and

you want to be able to give them as much information as possible about your house’s

layout without actually having them stand on your property. Having video or detailed

photos/scans will also show the buyer that you have nothing to hide, and that you’re

proud to show off the space.


16) Sometimes a little compromising creates a win-win situation.

With any deal negotiation, you need to be ready to cooperate. A compromise can go a

long way, and help smooth out the process of selling your home. Keep people happy,

including yourself, and you’ll have much better results.


17) Set a closing date that supports your own move-out schedule.

Once your closing date is set, you have to be ready to move. The closing date is the

day the buyer is handed the keys to your home, and you have to be completely moved

out by that point.


18) Be sure to attract (and vet) qualified buyers.

Your Real Estate agent should be knowledgeable about your home’s “best fit” audience, especially if you have one of the area’s many Blue Ridge custom homes, and they should be vetted. Don’t get caught up in wasting time on buyers who aren’t able to afford the home, or who haven’t been pre-approved for a mortgage.


19) Consider that new buyers could see your home in a different way.

Financial and architectural preparation might be planned out ahead of time, but don’t

forget the emotional preparation either. Anticipate that a buyer may want to completely

change the layout of your home or repurpose certain areas. They might also remodel

the visual aesthetics completely. This isn’t a personal dig at you, but a way for the

buyer to make the home their own, which is always a good thing.


20) Seriously, use a trusted Realtor who’s sold homes in your area.

If you want a streamlined process for selling your home without surprise fees or

extended timelines, your Realtor decision is the most important. Find someone with

experience in your area, and at your home’s price range, who will be able to be the

most effective resource for you.

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What You Need to Know About Buying Your First Home When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Every home owner has been there. Maybe you’ve been renting for a few years in a apartment or a condo, or perhaps you’ve even rented an entire private home. You have a friend who’s recently moved into a new home they’ve purchased, and when you go out for dinner or coffee with coworkers or friends, some start discussing how they’ve looking at purchasing a new home for the first time.


Though renting can be great too, you’re missing out on all of the extra amenities and financial benefits that come from owning a home, especially if you’re buying a home in Blue Ridge, GA. A monthly mortgage rate can actually be less expensive and more cost effective than paying rent, and with the help of Blue Ridge real estate agents, you’re able to acquire more square footage for less money. Just the idea of starting the process to buy a new home can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.


We broke down what you need to know about buying a home, especially if you’re a first time buyer (because let’s be honest, school taught you pre-calculous and how to analyze 20th century literature, but no one ever explained how buying a home actually works).


Use a realtor who can become your home-buying guru


The most important thing to know is that you do not have to go about doing this yourself. Think of it like this: working with a trusted north Georgia real estate agent is like bringing on a team captain who will walk you through every step of the home buying process and help you protect your investment. Though you have thousands of details to consider when looking at homes themselves, it’s the financial decisions and contracts that can be the most overwhelming factors. Realtors help you understand the current market in your area and will be your voice when negotiating those contracts.


Odds are that you’re not an expert on required home inspection services either, simply because you’ve never had to go through this process before. And that’s ok! When you’re buying a home in Blue Ridge GA, realtors are able to help you understand a timeline for needed inspections, who should be responsible for paying, and if there are any potential problem areas to be aware of in a home. The last thing you want is to purchase a home that has a hidden, costly problem that will affect you in the coming years, and having a Blue Ridge buyers agent on your side will act as an advocate for you and your purchase.


When we’re presented with a contract that we don’t fully understand, we might assume that there’s nothing we can do, or should do, to alter it. If I’m told by a mechanic that my car needs additional inspections, and I don’t fully understand what the inspection does or how often it’s required, I’m likely to agree to the additional costs even if it wasn’t something I needed to do. But if I had someone on my side who was an expert on the condition of my car, that person could help advocate for me and negotiate a better deal to save me money, while still ensuring that my vehicle is completely safe to drive.


In the same way, a realtor is going to be your expert on the local market, your home inspection and paperwork guru, and an all-around ally to lead you on your home-buying journey.


Understand the commitment of buying a home


This might seem obvious, but it’s incredibly important that you understand the full commitment that you’re making when you decide to buy a home. Yes, you can eventually resell your new home and move to a new property that better suits your future circumstances, but buying a home is not as simple as renting or leasing. Before you start the process of buying a home in Blue Ridge, GA, you’ll want to do your own research and understand the community and available housing options that best meet your needs. Only you know what your true priorities are when it comes to finding that perfect fit in a new house.


If you’ve already become interested in a few specific properties, put effort into researching the costs of any needed repairs or remodeling projects. Understand the full picture of what you’re taking on as a new home buyer. Your Blue Ridge real estate agent can help you of course, but buying your first home is a big deal, and that commitment is not to be taken lightly. At the same time, buying a home is a potentially a very special milestone in your life, especially if you’re looking to raise a family (but we’ll talk more about future needs later).


Financial security and pre-planning


Having a better understanding of your financial needs and what benchmarks you need to reach within your savings is also crucial in the early stages of the home search process. Even if you’re months or a year (or more) away from buying your first home, it’s never too early to start strengthening your credit score. Paying credit cards bills on time and in full will help you raise your score. Opening new cards to acquire more credit isn’t the way to do this either. Stick to using one or two cards, and always submit payments on time.


At the same time, it’s important for you to build a savings account, where you are able to set aside money for your down payment and any other closing costs. Do research in your area and talk with a Blue Ridge buyers agent to learn more about expected fees and estimated down payments for homes in your price range. You can also use tools online to help you in the process.

Another step in the pre-buying process is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved and working out what you can afford monthly is a significant step in ensuring you’re ready to take on this commitment and shop for a house you’re excited to fall in love with.


Think “big picture” and long-term lifestyle


Your Blue Ridge realty team wants you to have the best possible home buying experience, and as a first-time buyer, you’re going to have dozens of questions along the way. When you’re considering homes on the market, remember to think about the bigger picture. How might your lifestyle change in the next decade? What kind of a home layout would best fit your future needs as an individual or as a growing family? A home that may seem like it fits your needs now, may not be right for you in a few years. Take this “big picture” mindset into consideration when looking for homes and touring them with your north Georgia real estate agent to ensure it’s the best possible fit for you.


Though buying a home may still seem daunting, by doing research on homes in your area, strengthening your credit score, understanding what you want in a home, and meeting with your realtor, you will enjoy being able to shop the market and find the perfect house to name your home.

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Why Real Estate Photography Can Make the Difference for Potential Buyers

As all great real estate agents know, the best way to sell a home is to give the buyer a reason to fall in love with it. The percentage of potential buyers who shop for homes online before seeing them in person grows each year, and in 2016, it was reported that 80% of all home buyers do most of their searching online.


Put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes. If you were looking for a new place to live and the home was described in the listing as having four bedrooms, a finished basement and a spacious backyard, but the only photo available online was of the living room, you’re likely going to pass on considering the home as an option. You might search the address in Google and virtually stand in the front yard to see the home’s exterior, but unless you can check out bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and other primary living spaces on the website, you’re going to be disinterested.


For younger home buyers, having fewer photos also gives the impression that the agent isn’t as well organized, or that he or she doesn’t give 100% effort to the listing, which would be a huge turn-off. Now you’ve got disinterested buyers who could have been a great fit for the home, but because they are under the impression that the agent isn’t thorough or tech-savvy (or worse, that the lack photos means the agent is trying to hide a problem) they’ll most likely never request a tour or step foot inside the house. Be proud of your home and what it has to offer, and don’t let a lack of photos sway someone into thinking that you’re hiding an issue.


How buyers find and tour Blue Ridge homes digitally


When a buyer is looking for a new home in the Blue Ridge area, he or she is going to start in a few common places: using a search engine, looking to social media, or inquiring from a friend or home owner in the area. If you’re using a search engine to find a home, chances are that you will be brought to a local real estate company’s website or to a national site like Zillow or Trulia. Looking through pages and pages of homes on a website is convenient for the buyer, but it also becomes easy for your house to be viewed as just another line on the page. As users, we are much more likely to interact with, share, and follow up on a post that has detailed descriptions and photos that give us the sense of what the entire property has to offer.


On social media sites, the photo of the home is what occupies the most space in your post, followed by a short title and one-sentence description of the home itself. Posts are often shared by friends and commented on with reactions or questions about the property. For people who know of friends that could be a good fit for the home, the social media user can simply tag their friend in a comment or share it to their page as well. The photos are what entices people to click on the links and explore the listings, but if you don’t include photos that are presenting homes in the best light, your post will be passed over and won’t be shared between friends.


How to ensure you’re presenting homes in the best light


Fear not, you definitely don’t need high quality camera equipment to get the best photos of your home, but there are several things you should be doing to ensure that you’re presenting homes in the best light, and we mean that both figuratively and literally. If you are looking into purchasing a new camera though, consider also getting a tripod to help you with stability and clarity when snapping pictures.


We’re getting ahead of ourselves a little bit here though, because the first step of any good photo shoot is to prep the area to look its best. Cut the grass, clean up clutter from countertops, vacuum the carpets, remove any items that might be too personal. For example, if you want to show off your gorgeous fire place, but have a large family portrait hanging above the mantel, consider swapping the photo out if you don’t want the portrait to be made public on real estate websites. Another great reason to declutter or to not have detailed decorations is that it allows the person viewing the photos to imagine his or her own stuff set up in the home.


Choose a day that’s sunny and bright, with great natural lighting to support your home’s best features. You’ll want to shoot photos of the outside of the home, showing off accessibility features and any other central details, such as the driveway, garage, patio, or landscaping. Don’t forget to show off the backyard too!


Inside the home, your photos should highlight main living spaces and features that would be attractive for the buyer. If your description promotes amazing cabinet space and a large pantry, show them off in your photos! The same goes for closets and bathrooms. Making sure that you include areas that are great for family gatherings, as well as storage spaces and other amenities.


If you advertise your home as having four bedrooms, don’t just include a photo for one of them! People want to be able to see and get a feel for the size of each room, and that includes closet space and bathroom access. Bonus rooms, finished basements, and office spaces are attractive to buyers too, and it’s important that your photos show potential buyers that the home will make for an easy transition.


Particularly with mountain homes and cabins, photos should include the greater landscape or the view if you think it’s something the buyer would like. Outdoor living spaces, like porches, firepits, hot tubs, and grilling areas would also be great additions to your photo gallery. Don’t forget the main real estate marketing goal: show someone why they should fall in love with your home.


How photos can help increase leads


Largely because of social media, real estate marketing has shifted to include digital postings, along with mobile-friendly content, photos and video. We are more likely to watch a video or stop on a picture when we’re scrolling through a social media site, more so than we might read text or click on an outside link. Buyers are doing research online and many want to feel as though they’ve taken a virtual tour of the home before they schedule time to tour it in person or attend an open house.


When a potential buyer can see themselves living in the home, or know of someone who would be a great fit for the property, they will want to interact with the listing, talk with their agent, and communicate with the realtor to tour it in person and learn more. The digital landscape has become crucial to selling a home, but you’ll also have buyers who are more educated about the property, which in the end, will be much more valuable for the realtor.

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