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Where to find the best lakefront homes in North Georgia

A photo of lakefront homes North Georgia is home to the most stunning lakes, where tranquil waters and endless outdoor fun await you. Relax to the calming sounds of water on the shore, try your hand at bass fishing, or go on a scenic hike by exploring the surrounding trails. When it comes to lakeside living, North Georgia is the ultimate destination. With the unparalleled lifestyle offered by a lakefront home in North Georgia, it’s no wonder why owning a waterfront home here is a dream for many. Whether you use the property as a vacation home or your main residence, a North Georgia lake home is one of the best purchases that you can make.

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Where to find lakefront homes in North Georgia

Chatuge Lake in North Georgia Chatuge Lake in North Georgia covers the North Georgia Mountains, which lie between the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, along with the area north of Atlanta. Nestled in these lushly forested elevations are numerous lakes, both natural and man-made. The man-made lakes of North Georgia were created at a time when the need for electricity was burgeoning. The US Corps of Engineers built dams and harnessed the power of the water that flowed through dam tunnels to churn turbines. The dams also created reservoirs or lakes, around which resorts, homes, and recreational enterprises developed. There are more than 20 lakes that shimmer across North Georgia, but we narrowed them down to the top three best lakes:


Discover the crystal-clear waters and peaceful atmosphere of Lake Blue Ridge. Located in Fannin County, Lake Blue Ridge is a 3,290-acre, man-made lake that makes for the perfect waterfront getaway. Most of the lake’s shoreline (approximately 80% of it) is part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The lake was formed in 1930 after Toccoa Electric Power constructed the Blue Ridge Dam and was purchased by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1939. The water levels in Lake Blue Ridge may also vary since the lake is a reservoir owned by the TVA. Lake Blue Ridge is located near Georgia State Route 60. Downtown Blue Ridge is just a 15-minute drive away.

Popular activities and attractions

With the abundance of fun and exciting things to do in Lake Blue Ridge, it’s not hard to see why the lake is a go-to destination for outdoor recreation. From reeling in smallmouth bass to taking a scenic boat ride, the things to do here are endless.
  • Fishing. Lake Blue Ridge is one of the best areas for catching smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, and bluegill. Surrounded by calm waters and magnificent mountain vistas, fishing in Lake Blue Ridge is an enjoyable experience you’ll never forget.
  • Water sports and other water-related activities. It’s impossible to run out of water activities in Lake Blue Ridge. Aside from fishing, you can also enjoy swimming, boating, and kayaking on the picturesque lake and its crystal-clear waters. Lake Blue Ridge has excellent facilities for boaters, including a full-service marina and several boat ramps.
  • Hiking. If you’re looking for an activity on land, the trails in Lake Blue Ridge rarely disappoint. The Lake Blue Ridge Loop is a short and easy hike that offers the most peaceful views. Even as the trail meanders through the woods, the majority of the views will be of the spectacular lake.

Real estate options

The properties for sale in Lake Blue Ridge offer incredible opportunities to own a piece of this waterfront paradise. These amazing real estate options dot the shorelines, giving you unlimited access to the water and stunning nature views from every corner. Whether it’s a vacant lot or an existing house, you’ll get plenty of lake frontage from your waterfront property. The Lake Blue Ridge waterfront homes for sale come in a variety of architectural styles, including Traditional, Craftsman, and Log Cabin. The features offered by these lakefront homes in Lake Blue Ridge, North Georgia are top-notch. Gorgeous stone fireplaces, high ceilings, and expansive outdoor decks are among the most common features. Some homes are already equipped with a boat lift on their docks.


With 132 miles of shoreline, endless outdoor opportunities, and panoramic mountain views, Lake Chatuge is one of the top destinations in North Georgia. The lake covers 7,000 acres and belongs to Western North Carolina as well. Like Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Chatuge is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. This man-made reservoir was constructed in 1942.

Popular activities and attractions

There’s no shortage of recreational opportunities in Lake Chatuge. Other than lake pastimes like swimming, kayaking, and boating, Lake Chatuge offer exciting activities and unique attractions that you should not miss out on.
  • Boating and water sports. Outdoor activities abound in Lake Chatuge. The most popular lake activities here include kayaking, swimming, and water skiing. You can even rent boats like pontoons and cruise around the lake. Looking to use your own boat instead? You’ll have a variety of full-service marinas to choose from.
  • Golf. Lake Chatuge is close to some of the best golf spots in Georgia. Enjoy challenging courses set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and other breathtaking nature views. The Brasstown Valley Golf Club, in particular, delivers a golf experience unlike any other. Players of all skill levels will enjoy this Scottish, links-style, 18-hole championship course in Young Harris.
  • Camping. Lake Chatuge offers the perfect opportunity to unplug and connect with nature. The 30-acre Chatuge Woods Campground, which is located right along Lake Chatuge, has boat ramps, picnic tables, and unobstructed views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Towns County Recreational Beach. Located in Hiawassee along Highway 76, Towns County Recreational Beach is a popular outdoor spot by Lake Chatuge. This well-maintained area has large playgrounds, picturesque views, and endless outdoor fun.
  • Hamilton Gardens. Located at the Georgia Mountain Fair, Hamilton Gardens is Lake Chatuge’s own botanical paradise. This enchanted area encompasses 30 acres and is filled with more than 400 varieties of rhododendron. Visitors can also spot other flora like native azaleas, dogwood trees, and unique forest perennials.

Real estate options

Lake Chatuge is one of the best areas to buy a lakefront home. The mountain and water views from a Lake Chatuge property are unparalleled. Custom, single-family homes also give you easy lake access and plenty of outdoor space. The most common architectural styles that you’ll find are Contemporary, Craftsman, Traditional, and Cottage. If it’s investment properties you’re after, Lake Chatuge has vacant lots with a commercial potential. The Lake Chatuge lots for sale are in prime locations (some are along Highway 76) and they can be developed as offices, restaurants, hotels, or retail stores.


Located in Blairsville, Lake Nottely is North Georgia’s hidden gem. Expect gorgeous views of the 4,000-acre lake, a tight-knit community, and a laid-back vibe. The amazing views are a result of the lake’s undeveloped shoreline, which is protected by the US Forest Service. Lake Nottely, which is also known as Nottely Reservoir, was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1942. Lake Nottely can be accessed via US Route 19. The lake is two hours away from Atlanta.

Popular activities and attractions

There’s plenty to explore in Lake Nottely, from its clear deep waters to nature trails surrounding it. Here are the area’s top activities and attractions:
  • Fishing. When it comes to bass fishing, Lake Nottely is known for being one of the best spots. Due to its fertile waters and low fishing pressure, anglers have a huge chance of catching largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass.
  • Boating. Those looking to tour the lake can rent a boat at the Lake Nottely Marina or launch your own at the public boat ramps. The marina has pontoon boats, jon boats, and jet skis up for rent. If you want to explore the lake without the noise of an engine, there are canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats that you can borrow.
  • Nature trails. Lake Nottely has the best trails for hiking, walking, and biking. The Nottely Reservoir Trail, for one, will take you on a 1.7-mile adventure through the woods surrounding the lake. The 4.62-mile trail in Meeks Park is also a popular hiking spot, providing scenic views and an enjoyable walking experience.
Real estate options Discover the most elegant lakefront estates along Lake Nottely. Luxurious, spacious, and surrounded by stunning lake and mountain views, these Lake Nottely waterfront homes are among the most sought-after properties in North Georgia. Find a waterfront oasis in a Contemporary, Craftsman, or Traditional architectural style. The waterfront homes for sale in Lake Nottely come equipped with smart home features, entertainment areas, and boat docks. The lots for sale in Lake Nottely also offer endless possibilities. Build your own mountain getaway, design your dream lakefront home, or even consider the lot as a potential commercial opportunity.

Perks of living in a lakefront home in North Georgia

An old couple kayaking The advantages of living in a lakefront home are second to none. There are plenty of physical, mental, and financial benefits that come with owning real estate along this body of water.
  • An abundance of outdoor activities
When it comes to lakefront living, the fun and exciting outdoor opportunities are a given. Boating, swimming, and kayaking are just a few of the activities that are open to you. The things you can do aren’t limited to the water either. Camping, hiking, and golf are recreational options in areas surrounding the lake.
  • Picture-perfect views
The views that come with a lakefront home in North Georgia are unmatched. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to stunning mountain views or catching a glimpse of the sun descending on the horizon. And the best thing about a lakefront home is that you can watch the sunrise or sunsets without structures standing in the way.
  • A quiet and peaceful atmosphere
A lakefront home is the epitome of peaceful living, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by nature, the water, and the rest of the outdoors, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that the lake brings.
  • Physical and mental health benefits
Living by the lake has a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. Activities like swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding, and hiking can get your body moving and your adrenaline pumping. According to research, being near any body of water in general can reduce stress, boost your immune system, and help you sleep better at night. You also get a healthy dose of sunlight. The quality of air is much better. Unlike an urban setting where you are surrounded by a variety of pollutants, living by a lake is a breath of fresh air.
  • High investment potential
Due to its prime location and the unique lifestyle it offers, a lakefront property t\ comes with a higher price tag. A home by the water can be hard to come by, hence the high value. Waterfront properties also have the highest potential for appreciation because it is perpetually in high demand but limited in supply. With a lakefront property, you have a great opportunity to convert your home into a lucrative vacation rental or make a profit if you decide to sell in the future.

What you need to know before buying a lakefront home

An exterior of a luxuirious house Buying waterfront property is different from buying a traditional home. There are certain aspects that you need to consider, from the structure of the property to additional costs. Keep these important tips in mind when buying a lakefront home in North Georgia.
  • Learn about the lake
Aside from the property itself, you also have to learn as much as you can about the body of water near it. Since not all lakes are the same, you want to make sure that the lake fronting the property you’re interested in complements your needs and wants. What types of recreational opportunities are you looking for? Are these activities available in the lake you’re checking out? If you want to spend time in the water, for example, the quality of the lake water must be one that is safe for swimming. If you plan on buying a boat for your lakefront home, check water depths first. Different boats require different water depths. Pontoon boats, for example, are one of the best boats for shallow water since they can float on as little as two feet of water without getting damaged.
  • Assess the overall structure
Lakefront homes can experience damage due to its proximity to the water and exposure to the elements. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the waterfront home you plan on buying has been built to withstand high winds and other environmental factors.
  • A lakefront home requires more maintenance
Maintenance is crucial when it comes to a lakefront home. Its proximity to the water makes it prone to wear and tear. Maintenance for a lakefront home includes keeping the temperature under control (mold and rust can build up if there is a moisture problem), watching out for pests, and proper septic tank maintenance. If the lakefront property you purchase has a dock, it’s best to inspect it on a regular basis to ensure its good condition.
  • Home insurance rates may be higher
Properties by the water tend to have higher insurance premiums because they are constantly exposed to the elements and run the risk of being flooded. Ask for a home insurance quote so you can factor it in your budget. Talk to different home insurance companies and inquire about the rates for the property you plan on purchasing.
  • Lakefront homes are usually part of an association
Lake associations keep the lake clean and maintain the neighborhoods surrounding it. And just like a homeowner’s association, they also have their own set of rules and regulations. If you’ve zeroed in on a particular property, learn more about the neighborhood and its lake association. Some may even dictate the type of dock you are allowed to add to your home or the type of upkeep.
  • Changes to a waterfront property may require permission
From expanding your home to adding a deck, there are plenty of home additions and renovation projects that you can bring to your waterfront property. However, added builds can be limited. There are renovations and additions to the property that you can and cannot do, depending on association rules and local ordinances.

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