Bill Vernay

Licensed Assistant

Born and raised in New Jersey, Bill Vernay brings over 35 years of relocation and real estate experience to Nathan & Fitts & Team. Originially licensed in NJ in 1980 and relocated to sunny Southwest Florida in 1987, Bill has excelled in the real estate industry. Bill has a proven track record closing residential and commercial real estate deals. During his tenure with Sellstate Advantage Realty, he sold his way to the top the Florida market with sales over ten million, thus winning corporate, state, and office Gold Awards of excellence while maintaining integrity and client confidence.

With Bill’s great success in Florida, he bought a second home in the pristine North Georgia mountains in 2004. Bill has since owned and operated several real estate companies in Florida and North Georgia, offering superior service in real estate sales, as well as property management, and cabin rentals. He has the knowledge of the area and local resources to assist in any real estate venture. Bill prides himself in making dreams come true, and helping buyers and sellers achieve the best possible outcome is his primary goal.

With a thirst for knowledge and the desire to excel in a fast paced world of real estate investing, Bill Vernay has studied and gained much knowledge for a well-rounded investment strategy. The new age of real estate investing, financing, and tax planning are all integral aspects to a profitable portfolio. The intricate and sometimes complex issues that arise in a purchase or sale of a property requires the top skills Bill Vernay can provide.