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What it is like living in a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

Nothing seems more appealing than escaping to a cabin in the woods. Over the years, thousands of people have jumped on the opportunity to ditch their fast-paced lifestyle for one of comfort and simplicity. Cabin fever has earned a whole new...

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Buying a Cabin

What to Know When Buying a Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

Think of a cabin home and many conjure up images of a quaint little building made of logs somewhere deep in the woods. There’s the sense of seclusion and privacy with people living in the most natural environment someone could possibly live i...

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The importance of home staging – it works!

First of all, let me say I only became a firm believer of home staging a few years ago. I, like many out there was very skeptical as to whether this really does make a difference. Well let me tell you. If you are selling your home and h...

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Blue Ridge Families

Toys For Tots

Helping our Blue Ridge Families While many of us our fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family, in a home that keeps us warm or cool, and a stocked pantry to prepare and enjoy meals. However, not everyone has that luxury and the ones...

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