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What to Know When Buying a Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

Think of a cabin home and many conjure up images of a quaint little building made of logs somewhere deep in the woods. There’s the sense of seclusion and privacy with people living in the most natural environment someone could possibly live in. While this is true for many cabins, it is also true that cabins come in many different types. Some of them are perfect as a secondary home, used at certain times of the year and during vacations. Others are much more, and truly offer a place a family can call a home. Buying a Cabin If, like many, you’re looking for a place that offers you something far from the crowd, a place that provides an experience that has a much more natural rhythm of life, a cabin is an ideal property for you.

A cabin as a secondary home

Owning a cabin home as a secondary home means being able to retreat, re-energize, and live a completely different life, even for a while, from the one you live in a city or even small town. Nothing comes close to the sense of seclusion and privacy that comes from having your own cabin. It’s really just you, your family and friends with no adjoining neighbors to worry about. So if it’s peace and quiet you’re after, you couldn’t do better than investing in a cabin. With city living , your normal day to day routines like traveling to work can be draining, leading many to question why they’re living this way. Even social engagements like going to a restaurant or cinema can lose some of its appeal and many yearn for a more grounded experience. Taking a well deserved holiday in a cabin with family and friends is exciting because it opens up the opportunity to really reconnect with the people. It’s a chance to do things together without the distractions of amusements that only appeal to a particular demographic. Instead, there’s a much stronger sense of living and playing together. Parents can go out hunting or fishing with the kids. This in itself is arguably so much better than having the kids just glued to their devices. Instead, kids learn about the natural world with first hand living experience. Another small example of how life can be different is simple chopping wood for the fireplace. There is a direct connection between doing a simple physical activity which the whole family can benefit from later at night when everyone gets to enjoy the delight of having a woodfire burning in the home. woodfire burning Young people can readjust their sense of the world and appreciate and understand better the beauty of a much bigger natural environment. If this is true for the young, it’s also true for the adults. Sometimes, we need a place where we can just reconnect to a healthier, more natural way of life. If you’re looking for cabins for sale in Blue Ridge, GA, bear in mind there’s an abundance of hunting and fishing opportunities in the area. However, since hunting involves ensuring the safety of all persons involved as well as the preservation and protection of some wildlife species, you need to check that you are in compliance with the hunting regulations of Blue Ridge, GA. Still connected Even if you are looking at cabin homes for sale in Blue Ridge for a secondary home, many will still need modern conveniences, such as the internet. If you do want a minimal, almost off-grid experience, that’s perfectly possible. Fortunately, for those who cannot do without it, Blue Ridge is well served by internet providers offering high speed internet. The area already had access to high speed internet but the Starlink satellite now provides increasing options and ever greater speeds even to the most remote regions in Georgia. Earning income with a secondary home Of course, as you won’t be using the cabin as your main home, you’re open to the possibility of renting out your home to holidaymakers. This can be a lucrative extra earner with holidaymakers looking further afield from the usual holiday destinations. There is a fatigue for the bright lights offered by destinations designed to attract as many people as possible and the highly commercialized aspect of these locations. Also, the pandemic has made some more wary about being in locations where there is a very high density of people crowded sharing the same amenities. The numbers are eye opening. Post covid, cabin rentals are up a whopping 80% from pre-covid numbers. Regardless of the opportunity to make extra income from renting, many choose to buy cabins for sale in Blue Ridge primarily for the ability to use it for themselves, with renting as a secondary benefit. Maybe, it’s just because first and foremost, they’re thinking about a home which they’ll always love going to.

A cabin as your primary home

While many are tied to their cities or towns for a host of reasons such as work or the desire to be ever close to family, some have the opportunity to make a permanent home in a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. And if you have the ability to do so, why not? Cabins can be much more than just a getaway home that you spend a couple of weeks in twice a year. Now they are fully functioning abodes. While they exude rustic and earthy charm, some are luxurious and perfectly fit for permanent living. Families also have easy access to schools and necessary amenities. The local town has a distinct and warm charm and life is very pleasant and peaceful. It’s an ideal place for people who are looking to retire or wanting to find a more relaxed pace of life.

Types of cabin for sale in Blue Ridge

So what could you expect from your cabin and at what price point? At the high end At the higher end of the scale, you can get a cabin with 5 beds, 4|1 baths, covering over 5,000 sq ft. The space and view outside your home will be outstanding. The building itself will be multi-level, possibly more than 2 floors, further enhancing the great views. The decoration and design will be top end. Expect luxury fittings throughout the cabin and a design that will maximize the sense of space and nature around you. For a property like this you’d be looking at the price range between $2.5M and $3M. At mid range At around the $1M mark, you’ll be able to get a property with 4 beds and 3 baths. The area will probably cover a region of 2,500 sq ft and it’s likely that you’ll still be able to get more than 1 storey. Furnishing and design will still be luxurious and looking to accentuate all the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Under $1M Even at under $1M, indeed at just over $600,000, there are some wonderful cabins to be had. Around this price range, you can still get a cabin with 4 beds and 3 baths. The furnishing is of high quality and the design delightful and conducive to making the most of the greenery in the area. There’s a fair amount of variety in pricing and choosing the right one will be a balance of what is most important to you. It may be that you’re looking for a larger number of bedrooms, or maybe you prefer to have a more picturesque location. Perhaps, you’re looking for a cabin that’s also a waterfront home. With so many variables, when you’re looking at cabins for sale in Blue Ridge, it’s a sound idea to get in touch and talk first to real estate professionals in the area who can guide you through your options.

Maintaining your cabin

Keeping your cabin in good condition is somewhat like keeping your house in good condition. Both require some time and work and a little expense. However, there are particulars which apply more to cabins than other types of home because of the location and the fact that they are predominantly made of wood. Maintaining your Cabin Sealing Don’t neglect to seal as this is arguably the most important aspect of preserving the condition of your cabin home. Caulking and weather stripping protect against moisture, preventing your home from developing mold and mildew. Sealing also provides greater integrity to the home, making it more energy efficient and generally, much more cozy. This should be done every 3-7 years along with any staining that’s required. Staining The wood of your cabin will change color as the years pass, so in order to maintain a uniform color and one which you find most appealing, you’ll want to stain the cabin. This should be done once every 3-7 years. You may notice that the wood which comes into the most direct contact with sunlight will lighten or change color at a different rate to the opposite end of the cabin. If so, the side exposed to more direct sunlight will require more stain. Yearly clean Cabins should be given a thorough external wash once a year to remove surface dirt, which will include bird droppings, insect feces, mildew and other forms of growth. This cleaning will help keep your cabin in pristine state. Take particular notice of your gutters. As cabins are built around wooded areas, the gutters are prone to having leaves and other debris build up. This can affect the flow of water around your cabin. If left unaddressed, this can cause damage to the property.

Why are people buying cabin homes?

A recent growing trend has seen people moving out of big cities and urban areas like California, Chicago, and New York. The reasons are multiple and nuanced but certain elements seem to constantly appear such as desire for more space and better living conditions. Cabins provide the perfect getaway for those looking for privacy, even a high level of exclusion, away from the hustle and bustle and inevitable stress that comes from urban living. While many do not necessarily want to migrate away from their current home, they are looking for a place which provides them a completely different living experience. Buyers looking at cabins for sale in Blue Ridge, GA in order to acquire a second home are looking for a beautiful, rustic place, set in a natural environment. They want to bring their family and friends over to get away for a few days, enjoy some great outdoor activities and bond with quality time when indoors. If you can’t separate your work and play life, there’s no reason why you can’t use your cabin to host work getaways and trips and as the setting of important meetings. Better business deals may be had over cool drinks around an open fire. However, others are deciding to change their life for the better in a more permanent manner. The pandemic did more than accelerate the already growing trend of working from home. It made people re-evaluate what was fundamentally important in their lives. People, more than ever, are prioritizing what type of life they want to live. For many, a cabin in a small town like Blue Ridge, GA is the perfect place to retire or to set up new beginnings. For whatever reason you want to buy a cabin, the first step is to have the right support and assistance to guide you.

Working with Blue Ridge real estate Professionals

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