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Lake Life Sans Boat

No Boat? No Worries!

So, you love life on the lake — getting out with friends for boat rides, or skiing behind a boat, or fishing, or kayaking with that tight circle of buddies. But it’s usually Johnny’s boat, or Tammy’s kayaks, or Bubba’s fishing spot – and his poles. Now, it’s a quiet weekend alone, and you are adrift without boat or kayak or fishing gear. Life on the lake without a boat is not a recipe for boring – at least it doesn’t have to be.

Sight Seeing

Some activities around the lake don’t even require a boat. Like pulling off the highway or a backroad to view the lake, the river or read about the dam – you can do that at Lake Nottely, Lake Blue Ridge or Chatuge. Of course enjoying a sunrise or a sunset requires a bit of planning – get up early or stay late — but a picnic can be spur of the moment and fishing can be just as productive without a boat – simply drop a line from shore.  Remember – the best fishing is not always on the opposite side of the lake from where you are. Those on the other side know that.

Take A Load Off

Or just relax. A park at the Blue Ridge Dam offers picnic tables, handicapped ramps to picnic areas and a place where you can read about the lake’s history and the story of how the dam was constructed. A beautiful view of the lake is just beneath the dam, and bank fishing is popular along the base of the dam.

The Lake Blue Ridge Recreation Area, managed by the U.S. Forest Service, has a beach area with a one mile hiking trail that runs partially around the lake.  A paved trail inside the recreation area serves for casual walks or for bike rides.

Problem Solved

But if you must have a boat, a kayak, or fishing equipment and you don’t have those that you own, the secret is to rent.

The Morganton Point Recreation Area, also a U.S. Forest Service Park, hosts Lake Blue Ridge Outfitters, a shop inside the park serving beach-goers and day visitors.  If you’re looking for rental equipment, this is the place to go – Blue Ridge Outfitters stocks paddle boards and kayaks, and even have fishing poles for pedal boats available for rent.

If getting out on the lake — or catching fish from it — is of lesser concern, there’s always the age-old option of simply enjoying the beauty of the lake from the dock, availing yourself of great food and a full bar. The food part can be accomplished at a number of lake area establishments, but if you’re looking for all the lakeside amenities, Lake Blue Ridge Marina is a great place where the pace of lake life meets the comforts of your home away from home.

So don’t stress the not having – you don’t need to haul your life around with you to enjoy life on the lake. Just rent. And relax.

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