Restaurants in Blue Ridge

The Vault Blue Ridge Bar & Grill
The Vault Blue Ridge has created a menu of dishes using the finest seasonal produce. Taking inspiration from around the world, all the dishes on our menu are created with Southern style. Using incredible Georgia produce, meats and fish are prepared on site every day, and paired with ingredients so good they really speak for themselves. They have created true Southern style dishes including a variety of brunch, sandwich, and grill items. The Vault Blue Ridge is also one of the few locations staying open late to accommodate local customers who want a late night bite and drink! The Vault is definitely a bar & grill worth checking out.

Black Sheep Restaurant Bar & Patio
The Black Sheep restaurant looks to be the oddball of Fannin County and wants to make a memorable dining experience for you and your family, without passing on the luxuries of Southern cooking. What makes this restaurant so unique is its knack for fusion meals, including Asian tuna nachos, venison chops, and sweet bacon mac n’ cheese. This twist on comfort food is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the covered patio area is also the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a glass of private label wine! The new owners, Anthony and Brandon, have done a phenomenal job re-tooling the menu and creating a truly unique fine dining experience.

Blue Ridge Fry Shop
The Blue Ridge Fry Shop located right in the heart of Main Street is best known for its perfectly fried pork, chicken, and catfish sandwiches that are coupled with crispy french fries. Even the dessert is fried (although there are a few salads on the menu)! You won’t want to leave without sampling a fried pie or churro, especially without some extra caramel or chocolate.


Boat Dock Bar and Grill
Located on the water at the Lake Blue Ridge Marina, the Boat Dock Bar and Grill offers classic lakeside burgers and fare that’s affordable and family-friendly. The lakeside atmosphere sets it aside from other sandwich and salad restaurants, allowing you to watch the boats and watersports in the marina. If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous with your drink of choice, be sure to try one of their original cocktail creations!


Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar & Grill
This rustic American bar and grill in downtown Blue Ridge is conveniently located on the corner of East Main and Depot Street. The menu is both regional and seasonal, changing throughout the year to bring you the best of what Blue Ridge has to offer. The ambiance of the bar is a perfect balance of elegance and comfort, providing a space for you to relax and enjoy some out of the ordinary beverages. Will you be having a glass of the Wookie or the Brewnenmeyer Mary? You might just want to sample both. And be sure to ask your server for more information about the history of bar, which has been family owned and operated for three generations!


Iron Bridge General Store & Cafe
Located right on the winding Toccoa River, the family-owned Iron Bridge General Store & Cafe is a one-of-a-kind stop for anyone passing through the Blue Ridge area. Fresh baked pies, hot apple cakes, and homemade doughnuts are only a few of the mouth-watering desserts baked on site. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to an old time country store with first class hospitality and a slice of pie that’s just won first place at the county fair. The cafe also sells juicy burgers, fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and many other classic comfort foods.

Mountain View Orchards & Cider House Cafe
The Cider House Cafe describes themselves as being “that little place in the mountains that feels like home.” Open for lunch and dinner daily, the menu offers an array of meat and seafood, including burgers, shrimp, salads, and local trout. The magical dining experience comes from the view of the orchards and mountain side. You’ll eat a delicious meal in a spot that’s tucked in the rolling orchards up on the hillside. Oh, and don’t even think about leaving without having a tall glass of the apple cider!

Taste of Amish
Not only is Taste of Amish a highly-recommended, unique place to dine, but it’s also a fresh food market stocked with incredible local items. The sandwich shop located inside the market is always a popular spot for grabbing a fresh, healthy lunch before heading out to explore the Chattahoochee National Forest. You can also purchase jams and jellies, meats, fresh cheeses, and bakery goods, along with handmade soaps and other Amish remedy products. Explore a Taste of Amish in the South and sample the exclusive organic foods you cannot find anywhere else in Blue Ridge!

The Boro Inn Irish Pub
Cead Mille Failte! The Boro Inn’s Irish Pub, named for the Boro River in Ireland where the family first opened a pub five generations ago, will treat you like one of their family! You’ll be able to enjoy Irish ales, ciders, lagers, stouts, international beers, spirits & wines, along with soft drinks and Irish food. The culture infused into the restaurant is found through music and storytelling. It’s not uncommon to hear a song, sonnet, poem, or story about Irish history while you’re dining or meeting new mates. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve traveled from, when you enter the doors at The Boro Inn Irish Pub, you’ll be treated like a local.

The Copper Grill
Have you ever wanted to dine in two places at once? At The Copper Grill, you can technically cross that goal off your bucket list! The restaurant sits on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, and offers juicy hand-crafted burgers and large servings of french fries that are perfect for munching as you move across state lines. The sandwiches and chili are also not to be missed! The grill is popular among locals and very convenient for families traveling through the area.

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant
One of the most scenic dining experiences on this list, the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant puts you and your family in the heart of Blue Ridge. Easily accessible, but nestled along the side of the river, you’ll be able to watch wildlife, hear the moving water and smell the fresh scents of the mountains as you catch up with family and friends. For over 20 years, the restaurant has served thousands of patrons who are delighted by the live bluegrass music and local cuisine. The views are unmatchable and the serenity is the perfect addition to any vacation.

VanZandt’s Riverwalk
We’ve saved the most unique Blue Ridge dining experience for last (and not just because they’re listed in alphabetical order). At VanZandt’s Riverwalk and Restaurant, you can actually go tubing or kayaking down the river in the afternoon. Rides last for 3-5 hours depending on the pace of the water, giving you plenty of time to digest VanZandt’s famous upside down burgers, cinnamon pancakes, or club sandwiches. You can find VanZandt’s on Newport Rd in Blue Ridge, and shuttles are provided for those who want to enjoy the afternoon lounging on the water!

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