Buying a cabin in Blue Ridge GA is one of our biggest investments and some of us are doing it more than once during our life – that is surely something to be proud of! Like many things in our life that have changed dramatically, so did our home style preferences and every day life. Most of us don’t stay in one house for the full duration of our lives whether it be due to career or life changes.

Our modern dynamic life style and economy, calls for flexibility, mobility and frequent changes. People are following their jobs and careers even if it means moving from one side of the nation to the other. Others are needing to get away from the suburban lifestyle and retire or vacation in a more remote, close knit mountain community like Blue Ridge GA.

When we decide to buy a cabin in Blue Ridge GA we need to think in terms of sort to medium range periods of time and that should bring us to consider the resale value of our home in the future. Buying a home with good resale value might take a little longer, and it might take a bit more work on your part, but you’ll love the payback later, when it sells quickly and puts extra money in your bank account. It is also important to consider the opportunity to make an investment in a Blue Ridge cabin for the use on rental programs. Rental cabins in Blue Ridge GA have an extremely high rate of return and contrary to many other cities they stay booked 60%-90% of the time, we have found.

The first consideration should be your family needs but it’s good to keep an open mind about what might suite future buyers or rental opportunities as well.

The most important three factors are: location, location and location…!

Indeed, it’s first thing to consider when looking for a home. So, what makes a good location?

There are some general elements which are obvious like:

  • Does the area have easy and fast access to the downtown Blue Ridge areas, hiking, fishing, biking, and other outdoor adventure areas?
  • It’s wise to pick a cabin that is located relatively elevated above the area, that can provide two advantages: a flow of good air and a nicer view.
  • How many neighbors are adjacent to you and/or across you in proximity, off course the less the better.
  • A cabin located at the end of the access road will suffer less noises from the neighbors and their guests, but have a harsher access type, such as gravel or dirt roads.
  • A cabin with a eastern or western mountain view will receive sunlight at different times of the day, which can be very bright. A mountain top Blue Ridge cabin may have more light and air.

The size of the lot, its shape and the square footage of the cabin itself:

  • The majority of buyers in the Blue Ridge area are 2nd home or retirement, so consider a cabin with an open mountain view or a river view.

There are many other environmental aspects to consider with respect to personal preference like a high mountain top area vs. close proximity to the City of Blue Ridge, quality of amenities in the neighborhood, and proximity to outdoor activity hobbies.

In addition to these external considerations there are many important internal elements that can make a cabin quality higher and buyers are always looking for, such as:

  • Closets, lots of closets and with as much additional storage space as possible.
  • Light and bright – Homes with lots of natural lighting are very popular.
  • Split bedroom plans, with bedrooms on each end of the home, are increasingly popular with buyers.
  • If you live in a scenic area, having a view can help you sell.
  • Plenty of bedrooms and bath rooms.
  • Large and convenient kitchen with as many cabinets and as much cooking space as possible.
  • The tendency to work from home calls for a suitable room to be set as a home office, as well as a stable internet connection.
  • Laundry and dryer machines located at the same level as the bed rooms.
  • A master bedroom on the main floor is often important.
  • A spacious basement is a plus.

Features to avoid

  • One bath homes sell for significantly less than homes with at least two baths and they take longer to sell, unless the cabin is setup to be a romantic getaway vacation cabin rental in Blue Ridge GA.
  • Electric baseboard heat and electric ceiling heat are not as desirable as central heating systems. A fireplace in the living room is a plus, especially when real wood. Most buyers prefer real wood fire places in traditional Blue Ridge mountain cabins.
  • Tubs and showers in outdated colors, or scratched from years of improper cleaning, might be hard to change without ripping out doors or walls. The preferred style is a stone or neutral tile colored walk in shower.
  • Popcorn ceilings date a cabin , you know, those bumpy ceilings that were so popular in the 1970’s. Vaulted ceilings with visible wood runners and roofing structure are often a popular style in Blue Ridge cabins.

Your first objective is to buy a home that’s right for you, but do consider its resale value before you make the final decision, especially if you know you’ll move again within three to five years. A careful purchase now will help give you extra funds to move up with the next time you buy a home.

Home Inspections

Depending on the type of financing you choose, there should be either 2 or 3 separate inspections on the home you want to purchase. The first should be your own basic inspection, the second should be a professional whole-house inspection by a reputable person. Should you select a government loan (FHA or VA), the third inspection should come at the time of the appraisal, which to some degree amounts to a “mini-inspection.” Do not, however, rely on this appraisal as your only inspection of the property!

We cannot emphasize enough the value and necessity of an extensive home inspection. Many home purchasers, either in the desire to save the $200 to $500 that a good inspection costs, or due to simple ignorance, have spent enormous sums of money repairing items that any good home inspector would have pointed out. Any offer to purchase you make should be contingent upon (subject to) a whole house inspection with a satisfactory report. Do not let anyone not the agent, not your family or friends, and especially not the seller, dissuade you from having the property thoroughly inspected! Not only will you sleep much sounder after you have moved into the cabin, a professional inspection can give you an escape hatch from a contract on a defective cabin. If the contract is written contingent on an acceptable inspection, any defects in the home must be either repaired or monetarily compensated for.

If you are not satisfied, you have the option to cancel the contract.

Buying a Home in Blue Ridge GA

While buying a primary home, and even second home, can be a daunting and stressful task our office and team are available to walk you through the process and make buying a home in Blue Ridge GA as painless as possible. Nathan Fitts has over 20 years of experience in North Georgia real estate and with an knowledgeable support staff we here to help. Don’t buy a home in North Georgia without talking to us first!

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