For Sellers

Selling a home is not for the faint of heart. A lot of marketing and work goes into preparing a home to sell, showcasing it in front of the right buyer, and processing through the closing. At Nathan Fitts & Team our exposure, targeted marketing, and resources will ensure your home sells as fast as the market will allow. Review these five tips to prepare your home to sell.



It is important to know the ins and outs of your property. Pull out a copy of your existing loan and review important details such as your property taxes and zoning regulations. Each listing will also need to show the lot size, square footage of the home, the termite certificate, and any contingencies you’d like to include. We recommend having professional listing photos and 3D views taken of your home to showcase the property and make it appealing to potential buyers.


Current Market

The benefit of partnering with Nathan Fitts & Team is that we always have a handle on the market. We can help you determine a realistic listing price for your home based on the current market value taking into consideration your neighborhood and of course your household upgrades by completing a comparative market analysis while maximizing top dollar, higher sales price and a higher list to sales price ratio.  


Property Law

Disclosure laws is something most sellers don’t consider, but an experienced real estate agent can coach you on the best practices for disclosures on your home. You will also need to set the terms of your sale. 



Make your home as enticing as possible to potential buyers. It’s difficult for buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in a home when all of your personal sentiments are still intact. While you may think it makes more sense to empty out your entire home, in fact staging your home with increase the likelihood of receiving an offer. If you would like more information or assistance with staging your home to sell, follow this link to learn more.



Once offers come in on your home, it is critical to have an agent on your side to ensure you receive as close to or above the asking price as possible. We will review every offer and negotiate the terms with your best interest in mind.

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