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Top Benefits of Investing in Cabins in Blue Ridge, GA

When Blue Ridge was first incorporated back in 1887, it wasn’t the stunning mountain views that people came for but, rather, the promise of jobs in the agricultural, mining, and logging industries.

In the ensuing years, as railroads and highways made access to the city easier, it began to attract more and more visitors who wanted to explore the amazing mountains right in Blue Ridge’s backyard. With the opening of the Georgia Mountain Parkway in 1986, this trickle of tourists became a full-on flood.

Today, Blue Ridge is a thriving city of 1,200 where small-town charm, pristine mountain wilderness, upscale shopping, farm wineries, and art galleries all blissfully co-exist.

And despite its prime location, the cost of living here is surprisingly affordable.
According to AreaVibes, the cost of living in Blue Ridge is 13% lower than the national average, while tax rates are about 55% lower.

All these make Blue Ridge one of the most sought-after addresses in North Georgia. If you’re looking to invest in real estate here, perhaps the best choice is a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Read on to learn why investing in a cabin home is a great idea.

Cabins 101

While cabins are an iconic American home, its origins are actually Scandinavian.

The first cabin homes in the country were constructed by emigrants from Sweden and Finland, where cabins have been built for thousands of years.

For these pioneers, the log cabins of their motherland proved to be an ideal dwelling in their adoptive country. With trees growing aplenty on the unclaimed land where they settled, all they really needed to build themselves a house was an axe and some sweat equity.

Of course, cabin designs have evolved significantly since the early pioneer days, but certain features remain constant. As the name suggests, log cabins are primarily constructed with logs, giving them a rustic and homey feel.

Traditionally, log homes are single-storey structures, though advances in construction methods now allow for multi-storey cabins. A sloping gabled wooden roof is another signature feature.

A fireplace, usually made of stone, is the focal point in the home, adding to the cozy vibe inside the cabin. It’s also common for these cabins to have small windows to better retain the heat provided by the fireplace.

Another distinctive feature of houses is the way in which they are constructed.

What are the different kinds of cabins?

The first step to purchasing a cabin is learning the different kinds of cabins available.

While there are myriad designs to choose from, most cabin homes can be classified according to their construction types. Here’s an overview of each one:

    Full scribe

    A full scribe cabin is probably the most traditional construction type. In this construction method, logs are stacked horizontally to form the four walls of the home. A scribe or groove is made in each log’s underside so it can be securely and tightly fitted to the log below.

    This tight fit prevents heat from escaping the home, resulting in excellent insulation and energy efficiency.

    Despite using minimal 2×6 framing walls, full scribe cabins are extremely sturdy and can withstand almost anything Mother Nature throws at them.


    As in full scribe homes, logs are stacked atop each other. But instead of creating a scribe or groove to fit them together, a kind of mortar called chink is applied in between the gaps.

    This chink helps create a watertight seal and prevents heat from escaping. As the logs settle over the years, however, the chink may need to be reapplied.

    Post and beam

    Post and beam houses use vertical logs to hold larger horizontal logs on top. This creates the basic framework of the cabin. The space between the vertical posts is filled with framing walls, cinderblock, or other construction materials.

    This method of construction uses far fewer logs, since the timber is used only to create the “skeleton” of the house, making it very cost-effective.

    Because more conventional construction materials are used, a post and beam cabin is also easier to maintain than the two preceding styles.

    Timber frame

    The mode of construction in timber frame cabins is very similar to post and beam. To form the house’s basic structure, vertical logs are used to prop up horizontal logs. In the timber frame method, however, the beams are cut into a square instead of a rounded profile. Any type of construction material of your choosing can then be used to fill the space between the vertical logs.

    Corner post

    In the corner post method, stacked logs are used to create the frame and walls of the house, just as in the full scribe and chink methods. However, a squared off post is added to the corners to frame the edges of the house. The logs are fixed to square corner posts, creating a cleaner edge.


    A hybrid cabin borrows features from both post and beam/timber frame and full scribe cabins. The house is typically constructed using the former methods, but half logs or log-like sidings are affixed to the outer walls to achieve the look of the latter.

Why invest in a cabin property?

There are a lot of real estate properties to choose from in North Georgia. You can invest in a single-family traditional style homes, as well as condos in the Blue Ridge city limits.

There are, however, many compelling reasons to choose cabins over other homes for sale in Blue Ridge, GA:

Own a vacation home

Americans work hard, but they don’t necessarily know how to play hard. According to research, 47% of workers in the U.S. don’t max out their allotted vacation time in a year.

Investing in cabins for sale in Blue Ridge, GA, not only means owning a second home, it gives you good reason to take some much-deserved time off. And unlike with traditional vacations, you won’t have to deal with booking flights and hotel rooms—simply pack your essentials and drive to your property.

Your trip doesn’t need to be a multi-week affair, either; if there’s a three-day weekend coming up, what better place to spend it than up in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Prepare for your retirement

It’s never too early to prepare for your retirement, and one of your most crucial considerations is the home in which you’ll eventually retire. Why restrict your search to condos or a smaller home? There are great reasons to consider cabins for sale in Blue Ridge, GA, as well.

First of all, living in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains provides a tranquil but invigorating lifestyle for retirees. Cabins can also help you save money during retirement because they consume less energy.

You can purchase a move-in ready home or custom build a cabin on land for sale in Blue Ridge, GA. One great incentive for building your own cabin is that construction costs are lower than for standard homes.

Moreover, cabins are built to last, with many still standing over a century later. So, aside from owning a great retirement home, you’ll also have something of consequence to bequeath to your family’s future generations.

Generate additional income

Of course, you don’t have to wait for your retirement to reap the full rewards of owning a cabin. Many cabin owners use their property only a few weeks per year and rent it out the rest of the time. Doing so allows the property to generate added income for the owner, which in turn can help offset mortgage payments.

And with platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway at your disposal, you can easily list your property and attract short-term renters looking for a relaxing getaway.

It’s worth noting that renting out your cabin for the majority of the year classifies it as an investment property, which means you’ll have to pay the attendant taxes. But if you rent it out for fewer than 14 days a year, you won’t have to report any income, or pay any taxes on the property.

High property valuation potential

There’s a reason why 90% of the world’s millionaires owe their riches to real estate investments: land and property are finite things—and finite things always command a premium.

That’s why cabins for sale in North GA present an exciting investment opportunity. Unlike traditional homes, cabin properties are not a dime a dozen—and their rarity makes them valuable real estate. Furthermore, cabins are typically situated in prime locations in pristine environments, which further adds to their value.

Listing prices bear witness to this fact: a typical cabin in Blue Ridge runs in the mid-to-high six figures. Should you invest in a deluxe cabin today, it’s very likely that its value will further increase as time goes by.

They’re in demand

When it comes to real estate investment, following where the money goes is an excellent strategy.

In a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, sales of log and timber frame homes reportedly increased 18% from 2012 to 2017. Moreover, revenues from cabin-type homes increased at a faster pace than did standard home builds over the same time span. In fact, log or timber frame houses now account for at least 5% of all custom-built homes in the country.

As a property investor, these growing numbers provide further evidence that a cabin home is an excellent investment.

Boost your well-being

If you need another reason to purchase a cabin home, consider also the positive effects owning one can have on your well-being.

Being close to nature inspires you to have a more active and healthy lifestyle. Go on a hike, swim in the lake, or embark on a nature photo walk—the possibilities are endless!

Staying in a cabin home also lets you disconnect from the always-on, hyper-connected lifestyle of the digital age. It’s the perfect opportunity to take in the beauty around you without gadgets or notifications distracting you. It’s a chance to rekindle and deepen relationships with loved ones.

And of course, the tranquil environment and fresh air will do wonders for a frazzled mind and body. A relaxing weekend in the woods will see you return to work revitalized and inspired.

Available cabins in Blue Ridge, GA

While cabins all share core features, they are not a one-size-fits-all home. If you browse listed cabins for sale in North Georgia, you’ll discover that different cabins cater to different needs, preferences, and budgets.

There are charming two-bedroom cabins perfect for those looking for a more intimate abode. There are properties nestled beside a river where you can catch trophy trout right in your backyard. There are sprawling, luxury cabins that measure 11,000+ square feet and boast a multitude of rooms.

A real estate agent who specializes in cabin homes can help you find a property that ticks all your checkboxes, whatever they may be.


These are just a sampling of the amazing houses you can invest in. Want to see our full listings?


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