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The importance of home staging – it works!

First of all, let me say I only became a firm believer of home staging a few years ago. I, like many out there was very skeptical as to whether this really does make a difference. Well let me tell you. If you are selling your home and h...

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Blue Ridge Families

Toys For Tots

Helping our Blue Ridge Families While many of us our fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family, in a home that keeps us warm or cool, and a stocked pantry to prepare and enjoy meals. However, not everyone has that luxury and the ones...

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Blue Ridge Porches

8 Party Porches

Entertain in Style! There is not much more enjoyable in life than entertaining friends and family in your home. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, holiday party, watching sports playoffs or just having company, you want to choos...

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close up shot of snowflakes

Top 10 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Nathan Fitts & Team have put together a list of our top 10 most recommend Winter maintenance tips to keep your home in tip top shape. Gutter Ball When gutters get clogged, water can pool and damage your siding, roof, foundations and...

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Bringing the Light to Blue Ridge

Come one, come all and help us light up Blue Ridge! As we dive into the holiday season, store windows are getting decorated, Christmas tress are being put up, and excitement for the season is building. We, at Nathan Fitts & Team love ...

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Golf in the Mountains

There a number of things critical to know about golfing in the mountains, but at the heart of all of them are two absolutes: Your ball is going to carry just a bit longer than at the beach or on the flats – mostly because of physic...

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10 Best Outdoor Living Areas for Football Fans

Ten Hut! Ah yes, our favorite season has arrived! No, not fall….FOOTBALL! Not only do we have a love for the game, but we love everything that comes with it: friends hanging out, friendly rivalries, and game day drinks and snacks. Sur...

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Apple Season is Upon Us!

It’s not at all clear why Johnny Appleseed, proud purveyor of produce, might have stopped sowing seeds somewhere just beyond Ellijay, on the southern side of the Blue Ridge region. Who knows? Maybe it was some menacing dogs at the cou...

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5 Faces of Blue Ridge

When you think of a North Georgia Mountain town it makes sense that Blue Ridge is the first place to pop in your head. Afterall, with a bustling downtown area filled with delightful shops, fantastic food, popular train, and gorgeous sce...

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